Library Board

The Middlesex County Library Board is appointed by Middlesex County Council and operates under the Public Libraries Act R.R.O. 1990, c. P. 44.

Library board minutes are received by Middlesex County Council at its monthly meeting.

board members

Our board is comprised of five (5) members:

  • two (2) County Councillors
  • three (3) citizens appointees.

The board term is concurrent with the county council term of 4 years.

Current Board Members

  • Marigay Wilkins, Deputy Mayor of Southwest Middlesex
  • Jim Maudsley, Mayor of Thames Centre
  • Ian Brebner, Citizen Appointee
  • Albert Bannister, Citizen Appointee
  • Dave Jones, Citizen Appointee, SOLS Representative, 1681 Hunt Road, Dorchester, ON N0L, 1G6 519-268-3236

board meetings

Library Board meetings are open to the public;and take place at the Middlesex County Building, 399 Ridout St, N, London, Ontario, typically starting at 1:00pm (subject to change, please confirm prior to attending).

Library Board Meeting Schedule, Agendas and Reports.