eResources for Kids & Teens

Middlesex County Library has a great selection of resources to spark imagination, creativity and investigation for children and youth. Families can try out a new craft with Creativebug, or learn more about a favourite animal using Primary Schools Explora. Novelist K-8 Plus helps children find their next great read, or try out Primary Search to read an article from a popular children’s magazine. Teen Health & Wellness covers an extensive amount of topics for youth including mental health, nutrition and more.

A Middlesex County library card is required to access Creativebug, Explora Primary Schools, Novelist K-8 Plus and Teen Health & Wellness from home. If you do not have a library card, apply for a virtual membership using our easy online application.


creativebug Creativebug provides access to over 1000 online arts and crafts classes taught by expert instructors. If your child loves crafting, this is the resource for them! To access tutorials for children, search for the “Kids” category found in the “Classes” section at the top of the page. Browse through the classes, and click on the desired tutorial. Each tutorial will provide specific information about the difficulty level of the project, materials required, and a step-by-step video. Examples of projects include slime, origami, manga drawing, loom knitting and so much more! There are also many projects that families could create together – give it a try!
Explora Primary Schools is an easy-to-use search tool for children in Kindergarten to Grade 5. Topics include animals, arts & music, biographies, geography, language arts, math, science & health and social studies. Simply type a word or phrase in the search box, and your child will have access to complete articles, videos, and over 1 million images. For more information, you can check out this quick tutorial on how to use Primary Schools Explora.
NoveList K-8 Plus is an engaging and fun tool to help children and youth find their next great read! To get started, select the appropriate age range (0-8 years old, 9-12 years old or teen). The left hand side of the database lists some recommended reading lists including: Best of 2019, Canadian Fiction and Family. There is also the ability to browse books based on the reader’s mood. For example, I’m in the mood for books that are… action packed and suspenseful, ability diverse and character-driven or world-building and fast paced. Using the Appeal Mixer tool, the reader has the ability to select their own interest categories that will result in a curated list of titles specifically for them. There are also search options for finding read-alikes, selecting books based on reading levels, and by genre. For more information on how to use NoveList K-8 Plus, click on the “How Do I?” tab in the blue toolbar at the top of the Novelist K-8 database.
Primary Search is a database designed for elementary school students. Students can access articles from popular children’s magazines, browse encyclopedia entries and scan through an extensive collection of images and videos. There are many topics to explore including endangered species, space travel, the human body and more! This resource is helpful in supporting school research projects, essays as well as providing information to help spark and grow a student’s personal interests. To get started, simply type your entry into the search bar and hit the green search button. For more specific search options, click on advanced search where you can limit your results by date, publication type, reading level and more.
Teen Health & Wellness is a resource that provides youth with nonjudgmental support on a wide variety of topics including body basics, developmental disabilities and disorders, diversity, grief and loss, mental health, LGBTQ issues, nutrition and many more. Teens can cast their votes on current issues, submit videos, ask questions and access information on various hotlines to call when in crisis.
The amazing World Book Encyclopedias you know, geared toward a specific audience.  Early Learning features videos, games, stories and activities for pre-school and Kindergarten aged, Kids features simple articles, science projects, games and more geared to Primary grades.  Student features articles, videos and more to support older learners, including a citation builder.