Item Request

If Middlesex County Library does not own a book, audiobook or DVD you would like to access, please complete this request form.

Before submitting a request, be sure to check our catalogue to confirm we do not already own the item. Also consider checking our Digital Collections; you may find what you are looking for from Libraries on the Go or Hoopla.  Information on how to get started with digital collections can be found on our Help page.

Requested items may be selected for purchase or they may be borrowed from another library system via Inter-Library Loan (ILLO). Final decisions for both purchasing and ILLO borrowing will be made by Library staff and will be in line with Middlesex County Library policies.

If an item is purchased or borrowed via ILLO, you will be notified when it arrives in your selected branch for pick-up.  If an item is not purchased or borrowed, you will be notified by library staff.

Please do not request items that are more than 2 months away from publication/release.  They will not be ordered at this time. 

This process may take 4-6 weeks; we appreciate your patience.

Please only enter 1 title; you may submit this form again if you have additional suggestions.
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