Mango Languages

Hurray! You’ve decided to learn a new language, and Mango Languages is here to help. You’ve downloaded Mango Languages…but now what?  Now the world is at your feet! 

Simply log in using your library card, then follow the easy instructions to create your very own Mango account using your email address and a new password or use the “Use Mango as a Guest” option, and you’re ready to go! Mango Languages is available 24/7 through your wifi connection, so you are now able to learn conversational languages whenever you wish.

Don't have a Middlesex County Library card?  Apply online for a virtual membership.

If you already have a specific language in mind, you can select it using the search function or choose it from the handy “quick menu” of popular choices. If you don’t have a particular language in mind or don’t see the one you’re looking for, simply click the search field and type the name of the language or select “All languages” to see a comprehensive list of the more than 70 languages available.

After you’ve made your selection, Mango Languages then provides you with several practical learning units to help you with the most common conversational interactions. These units include introductions, connections, community, lifestyle, and ambitions. There are also “specialty units” which are specific to the language and culture you have selected. For this example, I’ve chosen French as the language I would like to learn, which has provided me with specialty units of “argot”, “wine and cheese”, and “romance”.

Each unit is further broken down into a series of easily navigated chapters, then broken down yet again into individual lessons. Mango understands that learning a new language can be daunting, so they remove the fear factor by providing their lessons in small doses with clearly defined goals for each lesson. As you move through the lessons, you’ll hear a conversation spoken in your chosen language combined with text to read in both your selected language and a translation to your first language. This will be followed by a colour-coded explanation of the conversational components (try saying that three times quickly!). Mango Languages lessons are clearly and concisely written, provide options for you to practice and record your pronunciation, provide ample opportunities to review and test yourself on your conversational skills, and intersperses these with interesting cultural side-notes.

At the end of each chapter are reviews for pronunciation and reading to help you gain confidence in your newly acquired conversational skills as well as a satisfying visual representation of your accomplishments. Also, just to make life easier for you, with the creation of your account, Mango Languages will keep a record of your progress through your lessons. No need to try and remember where you were. Mango will remember for you! And as always, you’re able to move forward or back as you feel comfortable, and are able to access your lessons via your wifi connection whenever you would like. Mango Languages makes it that easy!

Not only does Mango Languages provide you with the opportunity to create your own individual account to learn a new language, it also provides you with a handy translation tool which can be accessed through your account or using the offered “Use Mango as a Guest” button. Mango will translate your sentences from or to any of their offered languages. If your computer lacks the characters required to type a sentence, Mango offers you the opportunity to copy and paste the sentence to their translation tool. Mango Languages, from translation tools to spiffy speech skills…it really is THAT easy!