Book Club Bags

Plan Ahead - Reserve Multiple Books

Multiple copies of books that your book club can reserve ahead of time.
Plan a whole year of meetings, confident in the fact that the books will be available when you want them.  
Bags are loaned for a 6 week period - perfect for groups that meet monthly. 

what's in the book club bag?

Everything you need for your book club meeting comes in one bag, that includes:

  • 10 copies of a title
  • a large print edition (if available)
  • DVD (if available)
  • audiobook (if available)
  • author's biography
  • questions to discuss & information about the book

who can check out a book club bag?

They can be checked out by anyone with a Middlesex County Library card. The bag contents will be checked out on the card of the person who picks up the bag. This person is responsible for returning the bag and its contents.

how long can I have the book club bag?

The load period is six weeks. It's very important to return all the items together in the bag on time since other book clubs are waiting. No renewals are permitted.

how do I reserve book club bags?

To check on a set's availability, view the Book Club Bag Schedule. Once you know the titles you want, fill in the Book Club Bag Request form and submit at the your local Middlesex County Library branch.

what titles can we choose from?

We have many titles including books for adults, teens and children. To see a list of titles with a short description, view the complete list of titles. New titles are added regularly.

Link to Book Club Bag list