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local history & genealogy

Your local library is a fantastic place to start your family history research. Each branch has a collection of local histories of the area, family histories, cemetery indexes for the area and copies of W.A. & C.L. Goodspeed's History of the County of Middlesex (1889) and Illustrated Historical Atlas of the County of Middlesex (1878).

The Strathroy Library has an extensive local history collection that includes a microfilm collection of newspapers from around the County and 2 digital microfilm readers. A two-hour time limit may be requested from microfilm researchers in order to share the equipment.

Microfilmed newspapers in the Strathroy collection include (some years may be incomplete): "Strathroy Age" (1870-2011), "Glencoe Transcript" (1873-2012), "Dorchester Signpost" (1959-2012), "Lambeth News-Star" (1963-1990), "South Middlesex News" (1963-1965), "Mount Brydges and South Middlesex - The News" (1975-1977), "Lucan Towne Crier" (1983-1988), "Parkhill Gazette" (1873-2012), "Nissouri Nudger" (1910-1914), "North Middlesex Review" (1867-1869), "St. Mary's Weekly Argus" (1867), "St. Mary and North Middlesex Argus & Review" (1870), "St. Mary's and North Middlesex Argus & Review" (1870-1873), "St. Mary's Argus and County of Perth" (1873-1874).

Other microfilmed materials in the Strathroy Collection include: Census records, Tweedsmuir histories, Ontario Vital Statistics (index to Ontario births, marriages and deaths), and Ontario Land Record index.

The Parkhill Library also has a microfilm collection of local materials and a digital microfilm reader. A time limit maybe requested in order to share the equipment.

The Parkhill microfilm collection includes (some years many be incomplete): "Parkhill Gazette" (1873-2012), "North Middlesex Review" (1867-1869), "St. Mary's Weekly Argus" (1867), "St. Mary and North Middlesex Argus & Review" (1870), "St. Mary's and North Middlesex Argus & Review" (1870-1873), "St. Mary's Argus and County of Perth" (1873-1874). 

OGS family histories material

At the end of 2016, the Ontario Genealogical Society London & Middlesex Branch Library, formerly located at 1017 Western Rd, London, ON (Grosvenor Lodge), closed.  The OGS Family Histories Collection was then transferred to Middlesex County Library’s administrative building. 

The Family Histories Collection is closed to the public for browsing, but we would be happy to set up a time for viewing requested material at our Strathroy Library location.  You can view a full listing of the OGS Family Histories Collection below, as well as a link to the request page.

View the OGS Family Histories Collection.

Complete our webform to request OGS Family Histories Material.

visiting researchers and requests

If you are planning to visit the area, it is advised to contact the library in advance to clarify available sources in your area of interest and to confirm library hours.

Out of town researchers may also submit a request. Please be detailed about your specific research question and include helpful dates and names. Submit your request to: 
Chris Harrington, Reference Librarian 
Ph: 519-245-1290

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