Tales & Trails

"Summer Learning for All Ages".  A tree and a path leading off into the distance.

Rediscover a love of reading and of the outdoors!


Summer is Almost Here!

Middlesex County Library is excited to introduce our 2021 Summer Learning program: Tales & Trails.  Tales & Trails is about celebrating our love of reading and our love of the outdoors.  Our hope is to help you rediscover the simple pleasures of both a good book and the wonders of nature, with our recommended reads and programs for all ages.

Who is Tales & Trails for?

Tales & Trails is for anyone and everyone!  We will be offering programs suitable for children as young as two, as well as many options school-aged children, teens and adults.  

Is Tales & Trails virtual?

While many of our programs and special events will be virtual, we are also offering activities that can be done independently outdoors. Middlesex County Library hopes to offer more activities outdoors when it is safe to do so and permitted by provincial and local guidelines.

How do I Learn about Programs and Activities?

The best way to learn about all of the Tales & Trails programs and activities is to subscribe to our email newsletters.  There are four email lists you can subscribe to, each focusing on a different age group:

Explorers for ages 2-6

Adventurers for ages 7-11

Rangers for ages 12-17

Trail Blazers for Adults

Subscribe now!

How do I track my reading?

Book lists and reading logs are available for each group:

View the Explorers! book list and reading log

View the Adventurers! book list and reading log

View the Rangers! book list and reading log

View the Trail Blazers book list and reading challenge

What if I've missed a newsletter?

We will be posting links to each newsletter here after they have been sent:

View the Welcome to Tales & Trails letter

View the Welcome Explorers! letter

View the Welcome Adventurers! letter

View the Welcome Rangers! letter

View the Welcome Trail Blazers letter

I am not able to get the email newsletters, how else can I find the information?

In addition to posting all the newsletters on this page, we will be making printed copies available at all of our curbside pickup locations

More information will also be shared on our social media pages; you can find us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

You are welcome to contact us by email at programming@middlesex.ca or by phone at 519-245-8237 if you have additional questions.