Virtual Book Picks

Not sure what to read next?  Want to try something completely new?  Middlesex County Library staff are here to help!  Simply complete this form and in a week or less you will receive an email from us with a customized list of reading suggestions.

Note that at this time all suggested titles will be from our digital collections cloudLibrary and Hoopla.  If you would like us to include suggestions that may not be available through our digital collections you can indicate that below, however the library cannot assist you with accessing such materials at this time.

Please complete one request for each reader.  For example, if you would like suggestions for yourself and for a child, complete the form twice, once for each of you. 

Which formats and platforms are you interested in? Please select all that apply.
If you are looking for suggestions to read with a child or for a beginning reader, please give us some more details here. How old is the child/children? Are you looking for picture books to share? Books they can read on their own? Can you give us an indication of their reading ability?
Tell us about some books you recently enjoyed (try to name a few) and what you liked about them. Please be detailed about what you liked, the more information you provide the better!
Tell us about some books that you have disliked or been bored by (try to name a few) and what you found unappealing about them.
Tell us any other factors you would like us to take into consideration. Is there an author that you have read every single one of their books already? Do you enjoy certain genres? Do you typically avoid certain topics, bad language, sexual situations or violent content? Tell us about it here!
If this option is selected, your recommendations may include items that are not part of Middlesex County Library's digital collections. Please note that at this time the library cannot assist with accessing these materials.