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Public Code of Conduct

The content on this page is from Middlesex County Library's Policy Manual.  View the entire Policy Manual.


Middlesex County Library provides equitable access to services in a welcoming and supportive environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. The Public Libraries Act, R.S.O. 1990, s. 23(4) grants the authority for the Library Board to establish rules that ensure the safety and security of the public, Library Staff, and Library property, as well as maintain an inclusive, respectful environment.


This policy applies to all members of the public, Library Staff and Library volunteers using or accessing Library resources, services and property. This policy applies to both in person and online activity.


  • Banning means a member of the public is prohibited from entering Library buildings and/or from being on any Library Property at any time or for any reason for the duration of the ban.
  • Hate Speech is defined under section 319(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada as “everyone who, by communicating statements in a public place, incites hatred against any identifiable group where such incitement is likely to lead to a breach of the peace.”
  • Library Property means land and buildings leased by the Library and anything attached to the land, such as a bench or shed.
  • Weapon means any object, concealed or otherwise, which may be used to injure or intimidate.


1. Be Respectful of Others

  • Behaviour or language that is abusive, obscene, harassing, threatening, violent, or the use of hate speech, will not be tolerated;
  • Act with respect and consideration for others at all times;
  • Use Library or personal technology in a way that does not disturb others;
  • Dress appropriately: shoes and shirts must be worn;
  • Bring in only registered guide or service animals, or animals featured in approved programs;
  • Photographing, filming or recording of any kind on library property must be approved by Library staff – parents or guardians must provide permission for children under the age of 18;
  • Canvassing, petitioning, soliciting, and selling goods are not permitted in the Library. Obtain permission from Library staff before distributing or posting materials on Library property;
  • Obey copyright laws, licensing agreements, and other intellectual property rights;
  • Do not enter restricted and “Employee Only” areas without the permission of Library Staff.

2. Be safe

  • Carrying, displaying or using weapons is not allowed;
  • Disruptive behaviours will not be tolerated – these include, but are not limited to, making excessive noise, running, and using skateboards/rollerblades/bicycles or other sporting equipment;
  • Consuming, using or selling alcohol or illegal drugs is not allowed;
  • Supervise those in your care at all times – the Library assumes no responsibility for children left unattended on Library property;
  • Keep entrances, aisles, hallways and spaces around you clear;
  • The Library is not responsible for lost items;
  • Leave the Library promptly at closing time and when requested to do so in emergency situations;
  • Follow the instructions of Library Staff;
  • Do not bring into Library buildings any personal belongings deemed a health and safety risk;
  • Follow the laws and regulations of Canada and the Province of Ontario.

3. Be respectful of library property

  • Covered beverages and light snacks are allowed in designated areas only, and at
    staff discretion;
  • Clean up after yourself – recycle and dispose of garbage in the bins provided;
  • Smoking or using e-cigarettes inside Library buildings or near Library entrances is
  • Use the Library’s materials, technology, equipment, furniture and spaces with care.

This Code of Conduct will be applied in a fair and respectful manner for the benefit of all.

Library users who do not follow this policy may lose Library privileges, be banned from Library Property for a period of time, be required to pay for losses or damages, and/or be prosecuted under the law. Middlesex County Library has full discretion in determining whether a person will be excluded, and the length of exclusion – taking into consideration the severity, frequency, and circumstances surrounding the incident, as determined by the Library CEO or designate. Library Staff will contact police services for assistance when illegal activity occurs if required.

Questions about this Code of Conduct can be referred to the Library CEO or designate. Please use the form on the Contact Us page.